Meet The Morrows

Belinda Morrow (Pecan)

From Age 0 to 30

A humble girl from Mississippi migrates north with her brand new husband to start a life in Chicago. Pecan isn't up on the latest fashions and isn't the best cook but she brings southern hospitality and an endearing vulnerability.


Richard Elijah Morrow (Ricky)

From Age 19 to 32

After a short-lived courtship, Ricky steps into the role of husband and quickly after that father. His first priority is providing for his family financially. As his boxing career takes off, Ricky becomes a local celebrity but Pecan can't stand the violence of the sport and wants nothing to do with that part of his life.


Clara Morrow (Aunt Clara)

From Age 50 to 57

Clara it seems was born with all the moxy that Pecan wasn't. She's a good influence on Pecan and their bond far exceeds the blood ties Clara has with Ricky.


Nikki Morrow

From Age 2 to 13

Pecan's easy going firstborn is a people pleaser except when it comes to her sister Jackie.


Mya Ann Morrow

From Age 0 to 11

Although she's the spitting image of Ricky, Mya's quiet demeanor reminds most people of Pecan. The explorer of the group, it's common to find her relaxing in the big tree in their yard with a book in hand.


Jacqueline Belinda Morrow (Jackie)

From Age 0 to 10

A star is born! Jackie is one middle child that is hard to overlook. From the moment she's born she steals all the attention in the room. 


Natalie Morrow (Nat)

From Age 4 to 6

The youngest Morrow is attached like velcro to her big sister, Jackie, and apparently immune to everything that happens in the Morrow home.



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"There was only one thing I wanted after my freedom. My girls."

— Belinda "Pecan" Morrow
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