Mya Morrow has ninety one days to decide between the lie that may set her free and the truth that has kept her locked in a cage.

Imprisoned for over a decade for a crime she did not commit, Mya has morphed into a cold, calculating convict with nothing to lose but time. In her short thirty something years, Mya’s racked up an impressive list of disconnects. One dead lover and another in a maximum security facility; sisters she hasn’t seen in years; and a boy and girl who she’s certain are better off without her.

But everything, including her cool facade, comes tumbling down when she gets some unexpected news.

Now desperate to reconnect with her family, Mya forms alliances with some treacherous characters and even considers begging forgiveness for a murder she never committed. All in hopes of improving the odds at her next parole hearing, ninety-one days away.

But it may all be for nothing because as the clock ticks away Mya faces threats from all sides. Prison gangs. Prison guards. A teenage daughter who blames her for everything that’s gone wrong in her young life. Plus, a burgeoning new love and an old flame that isn’t ready to die.

Mya Morrow was born with brains and brawn and it will take both for her to survive.

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Blue Sky was a finalist in both the General Fiction & Multicultural Fiction categories.

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"There was only one thing I wanted after my freedom. My girls."

— Belinda "Pecan" Morrow
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