Meet the Morrows

Nikki Morrow

From Age 18-22

When we catch up to Nikki she's 18 and hopeful, balancing her new life with her old one, and in love with her very first suitor. He's everything she's ever wanted! Too bad nobody else likes him.

Mya Ann Morrow

From Age 15-19

Mya's always been quiet, only now she's become withdrawn, and as her true feelings boil to the surface a fiery rage emerges.

Jacqueline Belinda Morrow

From Age 14-18

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Jackie is still the life of the party. Only now her popularity might just be her downfall.

Natalie Morrow

From Age 9-13

No longer the baby of the family, Nat puts her older sisters to shame. She's the responsible one, the one with a good head on her shoulders. And she's happy.

Mia Morrow

Age 4

Born to a teenage mother, Mia's life isn't quite what fairy tales are made of but she's too young to understand that.

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Blue Sky was a finalist in both the General Fiction & Multicultural Fiction categories.

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"There was only one thing I wanted after my freedom. My girls."

— Belinda "Pecan" Morrow
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